A Unique Approach To Therapy

Stuttering is more than a speech concern. It affects the quality of life of the person who stutters. It can lead to negative emotional reactions, low self-esteem, discrimination, fear from public speaking and/or communicating in general and much more.
Language Difficulties
Speech or language delay spotted? My advice to you is NOT to “Wait & See”. Early intervention can definitely help tackle the problem and make a big difference. My method of intervention is based on a genuine approach that I have implemented, experienced and refined over my years of experience. It’s main goal is setting you or your loved one for success through an understanding of the current situation, a commitment to implement a plan and an ongoing evaluation and redefining of the intervention plan when needed
Parent coaching
Learn the key components for language development, and the strategies to improve your child’s language skills based on your child’s stage of communication and your needs. Remember that you are the main person interacting with your child daily, so changing how YOU communicate with your child will impact YOUR CHILD’s language and communication abilities. After all, communication is a two-way process.


No matter where you live, I am a virtual call away. You can directly book your online consultation and ensure you are getting the highest degree of support and trust. I will guide you to get the most out of each consultation and will provide you with the recommendations specifically tailored for your needs and concerns.

I follow a holistic approach. I am an experienced Speech and Language Therapist with a psychology degree and have worked with many professionals, families & children in different countries. I also speak Arabic, French & English fluently, making communication with my clients easier.

The services are applied directly to children through specific therapeutic intervention techniques. Parents also learn new tools and techniques to implement in their daily life to help their child with communication & language difficulties. Services are provided through online consultations, coaching and training programs.

Speech & Language therapy services are for children and adults living a challenge in their lives: language delay, developmental delay/disorder, speech disorder, stuttering…. It is also intended to support parents who are lacking the knowledge to interfere on a daily basis to stimulate their child’s language development in everyday situations. 

This service is also for first-time parents or parents of young children wanting to learn new skills and gain knowledge in early childhood to support their children in their development.

If I were to give you one piece of advice when you are worried about your child’s language development, it would be “Follow your gut”. If you feel that there is something wrong about your child’s speech and language abilities, don’t hesitate to consult with a speech and language therapist. A  therapist will then give you professional recommendations tailored to your child’s abilities. You can also get my latest ebook to make sure your child is reaching their speech and language milestones as well as help them develop their language skills without struggle. However, don’t view your child’s abilities by  the number of words. Seek advice from professionals. The sooner is absolutely the better.

There are many things you can do as a parent to ensure  you have chosen the right specialist for your child’s challenges. First of all, you must make sure the professional graduated from an approved institution. You should also ask about their experience in the field, especially in the challenges you are facing and consulting for. Furthermore,  you can ask  to talk with other clients about the approach and competency. Most importantly, follow your instinct especially after you have conducted your first consultation; even with the most experienced professionals, you sometimes feel that they are not the right person for you despite their credibility and expertise.