New Book and Kit

Kayla Travels in Her Dreams

In the book Kayla Travels in Her Dreams a little girl is overcome with sadness when she learns that she won’t be able to travel with her family for the holidays. As she sits on her mom’s lap and cries herself to sleep, she dreams about those places she wanted to visit.

Despite her excitement for her adventures and travels, Kayla can’t help but miss her family. After visiting several exciting places around the world Kayla wakes up to find herself nestled in her mother’s arms. She is overcome by a warm feeling of happiness knowing that home is where her family is.


A Healthy Approach to A Better Communication

My latest publication, A Healthy Approach to A Better Communication, is an ebook that provides parents with practical tools and information to support their child’s language growth. The ebook has an English version and an Arabic one too. It comes along with a rich material of 5 educational videos where I elaborate on the 5 language strategies mentioned in the ebook using my mother tongue language – the Arabic. These videos give parents additional information and a practical model to follow when interacting with their children.

Provide parents with an understanding of the communication milestones that their child should reach at each stage of their development

In addition, provide all the parents with an understanding of the warning signs that their child may be delayed in their language skills

Give parents a detailed explanation of things to avoid when interacting with their children to increase their language development

Empower parents with the different ways they can use to interact with their child during play in everyday activities to help them develop their language skills

Help parents understand what to do and how to do it to get their child to say their first words and express themselves using sentences

Provide early childhood professionals with information and checklists to use and share with the parents of children they interact with